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Igbo Union In Finland Celebrates New Yam Festival In Grand Style.- 2017

Igbo Union In Finland Celebrates The New Yam Festival In Grand Style.

The Igbo union in Finland marked this year’s new yam festival, popularly known as iriji in igbo language, with pomp and pageantry. The beauty of this year’s celebration is that it is in conjunction with the Finnish hundred-year anniversary. The event was chaired by Mazi Kentucky, and other notable dignitaries were in attendance. The recognition of various state chairmen under Igbo Union Finland wasn’t left out, and the representatives of other tribes were equally acknowledged. The Igbo Union In Finland is one of the most viable unions of foreign nationals in Finland, and it is the only ethnic union from Nigeria that is recognized by the Finnish government.

The climax of the occasion was the recognition of Mrs Hintikka OS. Korpiren, was a Finnish social worker who was sent to Eastern Nigeria by the Finnish government during the Biafra war to take care of the war victims in Igbo land.

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