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Igbo Union Finland Ry Projects Annual New Yam Festival

Annual New Yam Festival

Project 3: The New Yam Festival

The annual Igbo New Yam Festival provides numerous opportunities for the Igbo culture to be displayed in Finland. As part of this initiative, the festival will conduct a one-week programme that will culminate in the festival itself. The week will include seminars, cultural workshops, exhibitions of Igbo arts and crafts, screenings of Igbo films, and Igbo cultural dance performances. The Festival will showcase the kola-nut rites, in which we call on “Chukwuabiama” (Most High God) alongside our great-grandfathers in order to bless the kola nut prior to eating it. Additionally, there are various cultural dancing performances and the actual rites of cutting the new yam harvest to declare the beginning of eating new yam.

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