Our Aims & Objectives

Our Objectives
The aim of the Association is to facilitate contacts and to promote cultural interaction and understanding among members. And  The objective of the Association is to work for the peace and progress of Igbos and their families in Finland. This is to be accomplished through:-

  • Promoting the spirit of togetherness and brotherhood among Igbos and their families through social/cultural interactions.
  • Serves as the umbrella organization under which Igbo men, women and children may come together in achieving the common goal of understanding and self-help.
  • Keeping alive Igbo traditions and customs, as celebrated in our rich festivals and cultural institutions.
  • Promoting the teaching of the Igbo language and culture to our children and to other interested people (e.g. Finns).
  • Discouraging acrimony between Igbos and their families by outsiders.
  • Fostering cultural understanding between Igbo, and people from other nationalities through the promotion of cultural exchange.
  • Joining with world Igbo organizations in the promotion of Igbo cause.
  • Encouraging and when possible, assisting Igbos in legitimate business or in promoting cultural activities.

In order to meet these aims and objectives, the Union shall organize cultural happenings, meetings, lectures, discussions, information exchange and excursions. It shall also give useful and practical advice or information to Finns and Igbos in their interactions. The Union shall be an Independent, non-political, non-profit seeking organization. In seeking to support its activities, the Union may receive donations and legacies on different types of social occasions (happenings).