Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

General Secretary (2007-2010), General Secretary (2010-2012), Secretary General (2012-2014) Vice Chairman (2014-2015)

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi is a native of Nnewi, which is located in the state of Anambra in Nigeria. In 2007, Mr Claret joined the Igbo Union Finland as a member of the organization. He was surprised to learn that the union does not have a website and that all the association's business and operations had been handled manually. He gave his word that he would assist in reorganizing the way the organization worked. Mr Claret quickly proposed and offered to construct a new website for the group as soon as he heard about it. Additionally, he was responsible for the development of financial software that assisted in monitoring the organization's financial activity.

After only a few weeks as a member, the organization began immediately lobbying him to assume the position of union secretary. Between 2007 and 2015, Anthony-Claret held the role of Secretary for the organisation and was re-elected three times. In 2014, while the union was in crisis, Anthony-Claret stood firm to prevent the organisation from collapsing. Mr. Claret accepted the challenge and worked concurrently as Vice-Chairman, Financial Secretary, Secretary, and Social Director, and he effectively managed all the offices at once. During his tenure in office, he was responsible for initiating a positive change, contributing to the organization's transformation, and bringing it to the public's attention. The following are examples of advancements accomplished during his administration:

Engr. Claret was the one who came up with the idea that the organization could possess assets. He spearheaded the effort to acquire additional properties for the union, such as the audio recording set, Cultural Equipment and kitchen utensils.

Additionally, Engr. Claret negotiated with the Embassy and was the first secretary to invite the Ambassador of Nigeria to their cultural activities for the very first time. He also recommended that the organisation's website be included on the website of the embassy.

The services that Engr. Claret gave to our members were of a high calibre. Claret was also responsible for designing and publishing the very first excellent almanac.

During the time that Claret was in charge of the executive, he made sure that members who had recently lost a loved one, got married, had a baby, or were unwell received support in the form of visits and phone calls from the executive. • Began work on several less important tasks.

Because the union has been accused of not caring about our new members, particularly those who have recently joined, and even our older members who are having difficulties, Engr. Claret established a Caring & Career Committee for our new and unemployed members. This was done in response to the accusation that the union did not care about our new members. This negligence either causes our staff to err or causes them frustration...

Engr. Claret also made sure that new members are given a thorough orientation by this committee and ensured that both new and existing members who are jobless received assistance in obtaining work.

Engr Claret established a cultural dance troupe for the Igbo Union that thrilled the people at the 2010 Annual Iriji Festival.

Engr Claret was also instrumental in the union's acquisition of tangible cultural pieces of equipment

in 2011, Mr Claret also added an Igbo Culture learning session to our meetings: the majority of us have been so critical of our meetings that we rarely accomplish anything of consequence on them. Therefore, Claret suggested that we schedule 20 to 30 minutes and appoint various members of our group or guest speakers to speak on various parts of our cultural and traditional way of life.

Dr Claret also designed additional social gatherings to cement the union's friendships, as well as our emotional life in Finland and our long-standing friendship.

Additionally, Dr Claret worked relentlessly to guarantee that the organization promoted partnership and development support in Igbo land

Engineer Claret also streamlined the executive tasks to ensure the union's smooth functioning and equipped the executives with the essential tools to increase their productivity.