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Igbo Union Finland Ry Report Igbo Union Project Proposal submitted by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Igbo Union Project Proposal submitted by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi



Author: Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi


Our efforts to promote our cultural values, teach our children our culture and language, and perform our cultural festival to enrich the cultural mosaic of the Igbo people, combat racism, and build solidarity with our host country have been hampered by the absence of a permanent cultural centre. Therefore, we are seeking funding to secure a permanent location where we can better plan and execute our association’s goals, as well as organize arts, cultural events, music, and theater performances to successfully transfer our cultural values to our youth and aid in combating racism and discrimination through arts and cultural workshops.

Who are we?

Igbo Union Finland Ry is an umbrella organization of people of Igbo extraction and their families living in Finland. The organization was founded and duly registered with the Patent and Registration Office in 1998.

Membership in our organization is open to all adult Igbo people, their spouses, and children of 18 years and above.

The primary aims of the organization as enshrined in our constitution include

  • To assist and unite all people of Igbo extraction living in Finland.
  • To promote and inform members, associates, affiliates, and friends of the typical activities and cultures of the Igbo heritage.
  • To answer questions of newcomers of Igbo heritage on the rules and regulations of our host country in a way to possibly help them stay in harmony with the law of the land and integrate better with Finnish society.

The Igbo ethnic nationality of Nigeria is made up of Igbo-speaking people in different parts of Nigeria, mostly in the Southeast and the Delta regions. They were the people of the defunct Biafra nation that suffered untold hardship during the Nigerian civil war.

We are aware of the efforts by Finns, both individuals and organizations, towards alleviating the sufferings of the Igbo people during the Nigerian civil war. It should be recalled that the building of Temppeliaukio Kirkko (Rock Church) coincided with the time the Igbos suffered untold hardship in their struggle for the Biafra nation-state, leading to the inscription of the word BIAFRA on top of the rocks. We are also aware of the donations made by individuals and organizations from Finland. Biafra even adapted the music of Jean Sibelius’s composition, Finlandia, for its national anthem.

With a reasonable population of Igbo people permanently living in Finland today, we intend to make a visible positive impact on Finnish society by empowering our community, especially children and youths, through Igbo language and cultural activities. It is a known fact that such empowerment builds confidence, which in effect makes the youths better armed to become much better and more productive members of the Finnish society.

List of projects requesting funds for:

Project 1: Teaching Igbo Language & Culture

Over the years, the population of Finns of Igbo extraction has grown, and this has necessitated the need to strengthen the younger people by teaching them the Igbo language and culture. Also, some Igbo people of Finland have Finnish spouses, and they also need to learn more about the origins of their husbands and also learn to understand some Igbo languages, as this will help to reduce cultural conflicts in their family life.

Igbo language teaching and cultural activities therefore will be a major component of this project.

What we need to achieve in Project 1

To achieve project 1, we need to rent a permanent centre where we will be able to teach our kids our language, practice Igbo dance and theatre rehearsals, and also train workshops on Igbo arts and culture and conduct seminars on Igbo ways of life. The following items are part of the items’ cost that we request funding for.

 ItemsDuration in monthsCost in Euro
1Rented Place127,200
2Acquisition of Furniture for the rented cultural centre12700
3Cleaning of the Place self
4Office Consumables self
53 Part time teachers to have Language classes for Igbo children and other interested people1214400
6Purchase of Teaching materials 800
7Organising Kids workshop 250
8Exhibition material production 200
9Transportation and excursion 200
10Acquire Cultural dance musical instruments 2500
 Total 26250

Project 2: Promotion of Igbo Cultural activities

From a broader perspective, the Igbo community will be actively involved in the cultural activities in Finland by contributing through the arts – music, literal arts, performing arts, theatre and dance, and exhibition arts. The community will feature different aspects of the Igbo way of life in festivals and other artistic outlets such as the Maailma kylässä-festival (World Village Festival) etc.

What we need to achieve in Project 2

We will need to acquire Igbo cultural artefacts for exhibition in our permanent centre to promote our arts. We will also organise cultural music festivals and perform at the Maailma kylässä-festival (World Village Festival) to showcase our culture to the Finnish populace

 ItemsDuration in monthsCost in Euro
1Buying artefacts for exhibitions 500
2Registering with  KEPA 92
3Maailma kylässä-festival  registration  
4Exhibition / Seminar Space rental 500
5Cultural performances and  Cultural Display  122500
6Workshop facilitators 350
7Video, Photos & installations 350
8Websites 300
9Printing & Graphics 400
 Total 4992

Project 3: New Yam Festival

The annual Igbo New Yam Festival offers ample opportunity for the showcasing of Igbo culture in Finland. As part of this project, the festival will run a one-week programme that will culminate in the festival proper. The week will feature seminars, cultural workshops, Igbo arts and crafts exhibitions, Igbo movie screenings, and Igbo cultural dance performances. The climax of the event will be the festival proper, which will showcase the kola-nut rites, whereby we call on “Chukwuabiama” (Most High God) together with our great-grandfathers to bless the kola nut before eating it. There are also different cultural dancing performances and the actual rites of cutting the new yam harvest to pronounce the commencement of the eating of the new yam.

What we need to achieve in Project 3

 ItemsDuration in monthsCost in Euro
1Renting a centre for Igbo activities 500
2Training workshops on Igbo arts and culture 400
3Seminars on Igbo ways of life 400
4New Yam Festival event 7000
5Radio programme on promoting of culture 300
6Design & Decoration 400
 Total 9000

Project Timeline

 Renting of a centre for Igbo activities 
 Training works on Igbo arts and culture 
 Organising seminar on Igbo ways of life 
 Igbo Language classes for Igbo Children 
 Organising Igbo dance and theatre rehearsal 
 Organising New yam Festival 
 Planining and attending Maailma Kylässä-Festival  

Project Estimated Budget for 2016/2017 Organisation activities

 ItemsDuration in monthsCost in Euro
 Rented Place127,200
 Acquisition of Furniture for the rented cultural centre12700
 Cleaning of the Place self
 Office Consumables self
 3 Part time teachers to have Language classes for Igbo children and other interested people1214400
 Purchase of Teaching materials 800
 Organising Kids workshop 250
 Exhibition material production 200
 Transportation and excursion 200
 Acquire Cultural dance musical instruments 2500
 Buying artefacts for exhibitions 500
 Registering with  KEPA 92
 Maailma kylässä-festival  registration  
 Exhibition / Seminar Space rental 500
 Cultural performances and  Cultural Display  122500
 Workshop facilitators 350
 Video, Photos & installations 350
 Websites 300
 Printing & Graphics 400
 Renting a centre for Igbo activities 500
 Training workshops on Igbo arts and culture 400
 Seminars on Igbo ways of life 400
 New Yam Festival event 7000
 Radio programme on promoting of culture 300
 Design & Decoration 400


Method of Implementation Wages & Outsourcing services Others 
Renting a centre for Igbo activities training workshops on Igbo arts and culture seminars on Igbo ways of life language classes for Igbo children and other interested people Igbo Dance and theatre rehearsals New Yam FestivalMaailma Kylässä-Festival Umunna Traditional dance groupWorkshop facilitatorsExhibition material productionVideo, Photos & installations Materials and AppliancesExhibition / Seminar Space rentalPrinting & Graphics Design & Decoration   Transportation & LogisticsPA systemsRefreshments 

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