Current Executives

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Igbo Union Executives 2015-2017

Simon Ekpa
Simon Ekpa
Chairman Igbo Union Finland
Mr. Simon is an immigration specialist with a vast knowledge and experience in all areas of immigration law. He generally caters to our highest priority clients, business leaders and international dignitaries seeking legal advice. He has profound knowledge of all the laws regulating the migration of individuals to countries such as Finland, Australia, Canada and the EU including to the United Kingdom. Besides immigration law, Mr. Simon is also well-versed in family, criminal and civil law.
Kelechi Oliaku
Vice Chairman
Kelechi Oliaku is the vice chairman of Igbo Union Finland.
Kingsley Orji
Secretary General
Orji Kingsley is currently the secretary general of Igbo Union Finland.
Justice Ezeabaisirm
Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Justice Ezeabaisirm is currently the treasurer and financial secretary of Igbo Union Finland.
William Nwokedi
Assistant Social Director
William Nwokedi is the Social Director of Igbo Union Finland.
Obinna Obieze
Obinna Obieze is the provost.
Kenneth Emenuga
Social Director
Kenneth Emenuga is the assistant social director of Igbo Union Finland