Constitution - Article 6.4 Financial/Treasurer:

by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Article 6.4 Financial/Treasurer:

The Financial activities of the Union shall be recorded and saved by the Financial Secretary. He or she shall in addition be the treasurer for the Union. He or she shall be able to maintain a good record book, where all financial matters are entered for reference purposes when needed. He or she shall as well keep receipts of all purchases, record all dues received, payments made as well as fines collected, or any other monies received or levied for whatever purpose(s). He or she shall be accountable to the Chairman on the financial position of the Union. He or she shall be able to present to the house at any meeting the financial statement of the Union. Three weeks to the end of the years general meeting, the Financial Secretary should prepare his record book for the Auditor for clarifications.