Constitution - Article 3.6 Dismissal/Suspension/Expulsion:

by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Article 3.6 Dismissal/Suspension/Expulsion:

The Executive Board reserves the right to dismiss a member from the Union or its activities if he or she has left his or her obligations such as annual dues unpaid for a period of over two calendar years after payment deadline, or if he or she do not fulfill the obligations that he or she is bound as a member when joining the union, or if he or she, by his or her actions within the union or in public place, greatly damages the reputation or image of the union, by one way or the other, as can be verified or established, either by evidence, or by facts, and not by “hearsay” , or if he or she no longer meets the requirements for membership without convincing arguments or reasons, as laid down in the rules and regulations of the union.

A member may be suspended or expelled on account of poor behavior or for not abiding by the rules of the Union. The decision to expel or suspend a member shall rest on the majority’s resolution during the Union’s meeting.