About us

by Webmaster Pws

Who we are?

Igbo Union Finland- is an Igbo speaking people of Nigeria, resident in Finland. The Union is a registered Non Governmental Cultural Organization in Finland. The membership of Igbo union Finland is open to all IGBO indigenes resident in Finland.

Our membership is drawn not only from the Igbo nationals of Nigeria resident in Finland, but also people who wish to learn and identify with the Igbo culture. The union has a strength of 205 active members and has been active in cultural activities for the past fifteen years; these activities were designed to make members have a sense of belonging in a society where they are a minority.

Our website is geared to provides more information about our Union, membership, Igbo culture, news, photo gallery, calendar of activities and other related events.

Brief history

It was first started by a group of  friends in Helsinki metropolitan county who saw the need to formally support one another at times of difficulty such as at bereavement, marriages, and other event in our  own traditional manner. The association is non-profit making and seeks to promote equal opportunities amongst its members.

From that nucleus of friends that started the association, the association has grown rapidly in the last few years into a vibrant union, which now has an estimated population of 120 people. Igbos are resident in all parts of  Finland but in Helsinki  they form a closely knit community of highly enterprising people with numerous professionals spread in the fields of Skilled work, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Architecture, Business Administration, Accountancy to name a few.

Mission Statements

The  Association will provide a forum for all Igbos and its members to strengthen their traditional brotherhood consistent with the Igbo tradition and culture. Provide venue for sharing the Igbo culture and tradition in our community. The Union shall serve as a network for positive cooperation and exchange of ideas, and members shall share information on issues that affects the Igbos both at home and abroad, and shall collectively seek solutions through the various provisions set forth in the Union’s Constitution.

Igbo cultural roots

The Igbos (as they are known) come from the eastern part of Nigeria in the West Coast of Africa and are one of the main Nigerian ethnic groups. They occupy at least six out of the thirty six states in Nigeria today. The Igbo culture is rich and versatile and dates back many centuries.

The Igbo people have a strong belief in an almighty God named Chukwu. It is traditional belief that the Chikwu(Almighty God) has created each individual with a guardian or assistant at birth. The Igbo also believe in forces of nature as spirits, such as the sun, the sky and thunder and lightening. In the Igbo culture, Children are considered the most precious gift of all, and that children are prized more than money.

Igbo culture is most commonly known for their style of music with distinctive instruments. Typical instruments are the Ogene (a hand bell mostly played why women and children), the Igba (a tom-tom that is beat, similar to a bongo), the Ikoro (a very fragile piece of wood that produces two different sounds), and the udu. The udu is well known in Nigeria. It is an air drum played designed with clay mostly by women. It can also be used a a center piece for women’s dance groups.